I cannot tell a lie: I have had enough of law school. It’s a pleasant enough way to pass the time, I suppose. But as we enter the last 6 weeks of 2L, I’m starting to feel the incipient symptoms of 3L syndrome–I can’t bring myself to read another turgid supreme court opinion, even heavily edited. My attention drifts away sooner in the 70-minute lecture than it used to.

I find it hard to read anything for my seminar class, knowing that a) there is no exam holding me accountable for it and b) doing the reading does not help me finish my paper, which is the sole graded deliverable.

Am I alone? Forutnately, no. Our own Prof. Richard Sander published an article on 3L called “The Happy Charade” where he presents a systematic view of the 3L brain stagnation syndrome. I can’t really improve on his take, so I suggest you go read that instead.

14 Mar 06

matthewb @ ucla
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