No love from the Glendale PD.

This morning, on my way to a meeting with a professor, I was nearly in a serious auto accident. An old guy in a 1987 Oldsmobile tried to turn left in front of me as I drove through Glendale. Weaned on years of Pole Position and Spy Hunter, I had enough mad drivin’ skillz to swerve out of his way, though he still clipped my fender pretty good.

What was most awesome: I was trying to veer left to get out of his way, and instead of noticing the situation and stopping, he continued to drive towards me. He was hell-bent on T-boning me. But I would not give him the satisfaction today.

We got out to exchange insurance information, and he started a tirade about how I was driving too fast. Not true. But even so, this gentleman must never have taken torts class, or he’d know that since my putative negligence was not the cause of the accident, it was irrelevant to the determination of liability.

Anyways. My nerves now substantially frayed, I get back into my car and do a U-turn so I can return home. Unfortuantely this U-turn occurred just after a Glendale policeman passed me. They went through the trouble of turning around and chasing me down. They were unmoved by my tale of having recently been hit by one of their citizens and cited me for an illegal U-turn.

My professor advised me not to fight it in court, but suck it up & do traffic school online. I now hate Glendale. A pox on you all and your shitty drivers.

18 Feb 06

matthewb @ ucla
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