Doofus of the Year Award.

There were some late breaking possibilities, but the votes are in:

2ND RUNNER UP: the 2L who left her laptop somewhere stupid, and after it got stolen, put out a plea to the UCLA community to donate money so she could buy a new one. The “community” would’ve done better to pitch in & get her a nice set of sprial-bound notebooks and a pencil sharpener.

1ST RUNNER UP: all the guys who don’t flush the urinals in the main men’s room. Fellas, they’re not like the ones in the airport. You have manually operate them. And it’s really quite easy: 1) Reach out arm. 2) Bend handle. 3) Enjoy the satisfying sound of water spiriting your emanations to a better place.

WINNER: Those precious few holdouts who haven’t figured out how to turn off the Windows startup sound on their laptops. The first month, I cut you slack. Laptops in school! Neat! But round about Thanksgiving my patience was thinning. And by spring break, there was no possible excuse. You can ace the subtleties of substantive due process and incorporeal hereditaments, but strangely, not the mute button.

Congratulations, you are the DOOFUS(ES) OF THE YEAR.

(Free hint for next year: Control Panel -> Sounds & Audio Devices.)

25 Apr 05


I want to thank the classmate who outed himself as a non-flusher. His rationale: save water. Well, whatever. How about this: the non-flushers can have the back row of urinals, and the flushers the front row. That way, the costs of not flushing are only spread across non-flushers.

Posted by: MB at April 27, 2005 12:17 PM

What do I do after I go to Control Panel. THANX!

Posted by: doofus at April 30, 2005 05:06 PM

matthewb @ ucla
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