The litany.

Yesterday, the prof mentioned below delivered a short but hot-blooded sermon in class about the perils of arriving unprepared, after discovering a few people had not done the reading.

Here are the topics this same professor has taken time out of class to complain about, or offer as an explanation for his own occasional lateness or less-than-100% class preparation through the semester.

Color blindness.

Nerve damage.

Bacterial infection.

Immune system disorder.


Poor eyesight.

Poor memory.

Favorite baseball team loses playoff game.

Favorite baseball team wins playoff game.

Child care issues.

Child transportation issues.

Moving violation.

Use of new casebook.

Surgical procedure.



Certain emails from students.

Recent move into new office.

Other law school faculty members.

The eroding pedagogical culture of America’s colleges.

Wow, my recall’s pretty good, too bad that won’t be on the exam.

01 Dec 04


You forgot emotional distress caused by reading former students’ web-log. I might not make it in tomorrow.


Posted by: Prof Crim Law at March 29, 2005 06:18 PM

What else is new.

Posted by: O.J. Simpson at April 1, 2005 12:11 AM

matthewb @ ucla
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